Brain Alternative Datasets Based on Proprietary NLP and Machine Learning Algorithms now Available via Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point

Milan (Italy) - 22nd November 2019
Brain, a research company and alternative data provider, announced today that its alternative dataset products based on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are now available to Bloomberg Data License clients through Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

Brain Sentiment Indicator, a global stock ranking based on current news-flow, and Brain Machine Learning Stock Ranking, ranking equities on potential future returns predicted by a proprietary Machine Learning platform, will now be available on Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point is an online Linked Data access point that provides normalized reference, pricing, regulatory, historical and now alternative datasets.

“We are very happy to work with Bloomberg given its unique brand and global reach. We are excited to be able to deliver our datasets to new audiences.” Matteo Campellone, Founder and Head of Research.

“We are thrilled to work with Bloomberg due to their reputation within the financial industry and for the possibility to reach their global client network. The work between the two companies makes Brain datasets easily available for integration to Bloomberg Data License clients.” Francesco Cricchio, Founder and Chief Technology Officer.

Launched in September 2018, Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point is an web-based access point that allows Bloomberg Data License clients to discover and acquire reference, pricing, regulatory, historical and now alternative datasets. Clients can browse high quality data online, examine the metadata, sample datasets prior to acquisition, and immediately put them to use within their organization.

For more information on accessing Brain data through Bloomberg, please visit:

Brain Alternative Datasets

Brain alternative data incudes two main products:

  • 1. Brain Sentiment Indicator (BSI) is a sentiment indicator on global stocks produced by an automated engine that scans the financial news flow to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic factors driving investor sentiment. The indicator relies on various Natural Language Processing techniques to score the financial news for each company and extract aggregated sentiment metrics. The incorporation of BSI’s ranking could be useful to build quantitative strategies that include sentiment as a short-term momentum indicator. On a longer time-horizon the application of BSI could add value to strategies to find companies that could be under- or over-priced mainly due to very low or high sentiment
  • 2. Brain Machine Learning Stock Ranking (BSR) is used to generate a daily stock ranking based on the predicted future returns of a universe of stocks for various time horizons. BSR relies on a voting scheme of machine learning classifiers that nonlinearly combine a variety of features with a series of techniques aimed at mitigating the well-known overfitting problem for financial data with a low signal to noise ratio. The model uses a dynamic universe that is rebalanced each year to avoid survivorship bias.

About Brain

Brain is a research company that develops proprietary signals and algorithms for investment strategies on financial markets.

Technologies and products include a Natural Language Processing platform and Machine Learning Infrastructure customizable to support specific research and development requirements.

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